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Small Cursive Letters Chalk Book

Small Cursive Letters Chalk Book

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馃摋REUSABLE ENGLISH SMALL CURSIVE LETTER PRACTICE CHALK BOOK: This beautiful and unique wooden chalk book with 26 Small cursive alphabets helps your kids practice and improve their writing skills. This is great for sharpening a toddler's cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

馃摋DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONAL FOR PRE-LEARNS: There is no doubt this beautiful art piece for cursive writing practice chalk book designed by professionals to help the kids and adults to learn and improve cursive writing skills without asking to write for them to trace again and again.

馃摋DEVELOPING & ENTERTAINING: The Montessori method of education recognizes that a child鈥檚 potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. Therefore, Our Wooden Cursive Alphabet Tracing Board helps your lovely toddler develop writing skills and master letter formation through visual and memory training. The gently engraved curved grooves provide a form to practice hand-eye coordination using real-world challenges

馃摋WHAT鈥橲 INCLUDED AND HOW IT WORKS: Hut Small Letter Cursive Tracing Chalk Book comes up with 4 dustless colourful chalks and 1 duster to write and erase. This book has precravedSmall cursive letters on it, you have to trace them with the help of chalk.

馃摋100% SAFE, CERTIFIED, AND MADE IN INDIA: We aim to provide smart, safe, and eco-friendly products to all kids, toddlers, girls, boys, and babies. Our all products are hand-painted by in-house artisans with organic acrylic paints and proudly made in India. We are BIS and E71 certified.

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